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Comb through quick how-to articles that will help you devise and implement point solutions.

JetEngine | JetTabs

Display custom repeater fields in the Accordion widget with the JetEngine and JetTabs plugins. Find out how to easily create a repeating block set and display the needed information.

JetEngine | JetWooBuilder

Find out how to add more stock statuses with the sale price and display them as a label on the sale item products.


Find out how to fix issues when added embed audio or videos are not displayed on the front-end.


Find out how you can redirect users to the page with the prefiltered results using the Select filter available with the JetSmartFilters plugin.

JetEngine | JetSmartFilters

Make the Listing Grid even more attractive by setting the custom loading icon to display once the filter is applied to the grid. Follow the steps described in the tutorial to recreate the user-friendly feature.




Learn how to add a badge to the WordPress user depending on their profile completeness with the help of the JetEngine plugin and Custom Visibility Conditions add-on.

JetSmartFilters | JetEngine | JetPopup

Find out how to close a popup automatically after applying the filters.

Quick tips videos

Simple and easy-to-follow tutorials aimed at delivering point solutions.

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