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How to Apply the Read More Widget to the Content

How to Apply the Read More Widget to the Content

Find out how to organize content in a compressed way with the help of JetTricks and its Read More widget.

The Read More widget for Elementor provides an opportunity to hide particular sections and make the page’s layout more minimalistic and attractive. Unlike the content hidden by Unfold widget, the section you hide with the Read More widget can’t be closed after the user opens it. However, this widget also allows you to show the hidden sections one by one. If you would like to learn more about the Unfold widget – check out this tutorial.

Let’s explore how to use the Read More widget for Elementor.

Add the Section You Want to Hide

Navigate to the Page or Post where you need to add the Read More widget. Click the “Edit with Elementor” button to proceed.

The read More widget will hide the specific section, so you need to create it first. Click the “Add Section” button at the bottom of the page, choose the section layout, place all the necessary widgets there, and customize the section via the tools of the Style tab. 

Things to know

Read More widget hides the whole section and you can fill that section with any type of content - texts, video, maps, listings, etc. To get an insight into what you can hide under the “Read More” button - check out this demo.

After you finish creating the section’s design, open the Advanced tab of the section. There you will see the CSS ID field where you should type in the unique name of the section, for example, “hidden-section-1”.

Advanced settings tab for a section
Things to know

If you want to hide several sections, you will need to add personal IDs to each of them.

Add the Read More Widget

That’s all you have to do to organize content in a compact way with the Read More widget. Enjoy the results!

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